Partial and Complete Dentures are prosthetic replacement of partially or completely missing teeth. It can be readily taken out of the mouth for cleaning. Although dentures are less expensive, fixed bridges and implants, when indicated, may feel more stable and comfortable. Dentures usually have replacement teeth attached to gum-colored plastic bases connected by metal framework.

We also offer non-metal denture, Valplast. Valplast is an advanced solution for the replacement of missing teeth. It is based on modern thermoplastic technologies. Unlike 'traditional' dentures, Valplast blends more naturally with your teeth and gums, enhancing the appeal of your smile. Valplast was developed specifically to provide the precision fit and strength needed for the fabrication of metal-free partial dentures. In addition, Valplast has a gentle feel and a more secure fit. Valplast exhibits 26% greater softness than the acrylics used on typical dentures. Valplast is more comfortable than these typical dentures, and in fact, it's even 65% stronger.